• We thank you all who support our project.

    Much love to everyone.

    Through our little buddy, the Inari Fox, we would like to give support to the less fortunate countries.

    Our first focus will be Ukraine.

    With every purchase of our buddy you are automatically supporting the country and its people who have lost their homes and their loved once.

    After a certain amount of money is gathered, we will transfer the capital in batches to the people of Ukraine and its government.

    Moreover we will support trusted charities which are organizing different aid transports to Ukraine and additionally we want to organize truck rides with food, cloths, medicine, hygiene items and drive it to the Ukrainian border and post the proofs later on our website and Twitter.

The story

About Us

One day we all woke up with the news that a new war just started. We did not really understand the consequences in the beginning, but once we found out about the devastation which was caused by this war in Ukraine, we all had strong feeling of helping the people in need. Unfortunately the most of us are not capable of taking a gun and go to the frontline to help Ukraine. Our team is made out of people who are not able to take up guns, but we still wanted to help. The desire to help the people who were affected by war created the idea of our NFT buddy.

Through our little buddy, the Inari Fox, we would like to give support to the less fortunate countries.



Humanity starts when you give.

You’re the hope of others.

Online Gaming

More than just a game.

Stay tuned - Under construction.


The future of collaboration is the metaverse.

Easy steps

How to mint

  • 1

    Connect to Polygon Mainnet

  • 2

    Connect Your Wallet

  • 3

    Select Your Quantity

  • 4

    35 Matic per NFT

  • 5

    50 NFT per transaction

  • 6

    Confirm the Transaction

  • 7

    Receive Your NFTs

 Our Goals



Goal 1

  • Creation of the charity project idea
  • Creation of the Fairytales Fox Club NFT collection
  • Preparation for the marketing campaign
  • Launching of the first mint homepage

Goal 2

  • Rework Homepage to V2
  • Mint goes live on new homepage
  • Creation of Discord and Telegram channels
  • Spread our project idea and make ourself known to people

Goal 3

  • 50% of Buddies sold
  • Collabs, and other surprises for our holders
  • Expansion of the humanitarian aid
  • Start the first big giveaway to our NFT holders
  • Create our first big marketing campaign
  • Starting our first merch shop in relation with charity
  • Launching our first alpha NFT game
  • Metamask Buddy public / private area

Goal 4

  • 100% of Buddies sold
  • Joining the Metaverse
  • Create more merch items
  • White paper of the project
  • Creation of the public IDO
  • Airdrop of tokens to our NFT holders
  • Listening exchanges
  • NFT game with possibilities of winning different prices / Holders will receive a start bonus depending on the amount of NFT
  • Creation of a token for the base of the NFT game
  • Launch our 2. NFT collection

Team Members

Meet The Crew









 Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a mythical being from Japan also it is our mascot. He is here to support the people who are affected by war and he will try everything to stop this nonsense.

How many Buddies are there going to be?

There are 20`000 unique Buddies for you available to mint.

How you can buy and sell a Buddy?

It is very simple. You can mint them on our website: Mint Now
Moreover you can buy and sell them through our opensea link: https://opensea.io/collection/tales-of-the-inari-fox
Just connect your wallet and choose what you like.

How many Buddies can I mint at once?

You can mint 50 Buddies at once.

What is the mint price going to be?

The mint price is 35 Matic.

Will the nfts be revealed straight away?

Yes, the NFT will be revealed straight away after the purchase.

Why it hangs after i click on Mint?

Be sure you have enough Matic to Mint and some for gas fees.

If the mint hangs, it is an issue from the Polygon blockchain side, because of high Traffic.
In case you have that issue, change your Polygon Mainnet RPC Url in your MetaMask > Settings > Network.
Here you can find other RPC Url's: https://docs.polygon.technology/docs/develop/network-details/network/

What are the secondary royalities?

The secondary royalities are 5% like if you trade on OpenSea. These funds we use too for the charity.

What right do I have as a Fairytales NFT Holder?

We will create a voting system where NFT holders have a voice and vote where the aid should be sent.
Moreover you will have access to a game which will be finallized in the near future.

What is a smart contract address?

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary's involvement or time loss.

What is Fairytales Fox Club smart contract address?

Here are our information about the contract address:


Why you should choose Fairytales Fox Club?

We are a unique charity organisation where the people who invest in a buddy have a voice and can help to decide where the aid should be sent to and to who.
We will have a voting system and chose the best idea.
Also we will have lots of different kind of giveaways for our NFT holders where they can win money, free NFT or other nice prices.

Will there be another collection?

Yes, we are planning to release several other collection with the goal to help and support people.

Which Blockchain is used?

We are using Polygon blockchain, because of very low fees.

Which is the correct network address in the MetaMask settings for Polygon Mainnet?

This can be found here on the official site from Polygon:

Or here you can add it automaticly to MetaMask:

Can I make profit with this project?

Yes, the opportunity of making profit exists:

After 10k minted buddies: 5x 250$, 4x 500$, 1x 1750$
After 20k minted buddies: 5x 500$, 4x 1000$, 1x 3500$

Everybody who is holding our NFTs will have a chance to win this prices.

Every 1k minted nfts 10% of mint profit gets back to 10 minters.

Additional we have a special money giveaway:

1x 500$ under first 100 minters
1x 2500 under first 800 minters
1x 1000$ for minting the tagged NFT

Note: You must mint 5+ NFTs to enter the Special Giveaway
The tagged NFT can be found here: https://twitter.com/FairytalesFox/status/1525790085572046848

*Note: With the upcoming NFT game everyone can make some money with it too.

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